Do you have to be female to join Outdoor Adventure Girls?

  • This is a group for women and those who identify as women ONLY.

How do I join the regional Facebook groups?

  • There are 11 UK regional groups, all located under our Outdoor Adventure Girls Facebook page, make sure you join the group(s) local to you so you can join and arrange meet-ups.

Where do I need to go to join in the group hikes?

  • Group hikes are organised by our members around the UK, depending on the location you’d like to hike in, there are 11 regional groups and 1 UK-wide group that displays all meet-up/hiking events happening in the UK. You can find this information by clicking on the ‘Events’ tab on Outdoor Adventure Girls’ main Facebook group. 

I’m from Northern Ireland, can I still join in on group hikes?

Can I create a WhatsApp group to organise my own meetups?

  • Please do not create regional WhatsApp groups, it goes against the rules and ethics of the group and excludes others from meet-ups. See our ‘Organising a meetup’ page for arranging meet ups.

Where are Outdoor Adventure Girls based?

  • We are based in the UK and our team is scattered across the regions.

How do I organise a group hike?

  • When arranging events in your regional group, put a post up to find out interest, and then once confirmed date, location create an event in your regional group and invite all members. Once closer to the event you can arrange a WhatsApp chat to arrange on the day logistics. See our ‘Organising a meetup’ page to find out more.

Can I fundraise or advertise my business via your social media pages?

  • This group has not been set up for the promotion of corporations or to generate finance for fundraising. We respect that everyone needs to make a living and support great causes but this could block notifications to those who have joined the group to connect with women who share an interest in the outdoors. Please do not use this group to promote your business or another group you are involved with.

Can I post about other similar groups?

  • At OAG we are aware other outdoor adventure groups exist, whilst we acknowledge members may be part of multiple groups, please avoid posting events from this group into other groups, and vice versa. This is really important for our member’s safety, as we can’t control who sees externally posted invites and ensure we know who is attending meetups.

Who is responsible for my safety when I’m out on a hike with other members of Outdoor Adventure Girls?

  • When joining this group, you are accepting full responsibility for yourself during meetups. OAG is not responsible for your safety. When attending or organising meet-ups, do your research and build in a safety strategy.
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Sophie is a travel writer, based in the UK, always thinking about her next adventure. Sophie set up Outdoor Adventure Girls in 2020 with the aim to provide safe spaces for women to connect, get outdoors and push themselves out of their comfort zone.