Top 10 Sports Leggings To Buy

Leggings are a staple to most outdoor sports – from hiking to cycling to abseiling, we need a durable reliable pair. We asked our community to gather their favourite sports leggings with a variety of price points. We have collated sports leggings suitable for all.

Photo credit: Sweat Betty
  1. Sweaty Betty

The Power Gym leggings have an extensive colour range, incorporating fun prints and graphics. Properties include side pockets and back zip pocket, handy for carrying your outdoor essentials and they dry super fast! The leggings are super stretchy and there is no need to keep pulling them up as they sculpt the body. A little more on the expensive side of leggings but worth every penny. 

Available to buy from Sweaty Betty 


Photo credit: Acai
  1. Acai 

The Outdoor Softshell leggings have a high-waisted V style waistline which is very flattering and sits comfortably against the skin. The leggings come in a range of dark shades and have a softshell texture that is breathable and snag-free. They are brilliant in the cold and don’t have an inner seam to lessen the chance of chafing. 

Available to buy from Acai


Photo credit: Fabletics
  1. Fabletics 

The On-the-Go leggings come in a range of bright colours and are included in the VIP membership 2 for £24 offer. The best thing about Fabletics is that they cater for Short, Regular and Tall sizings so you will be sure to find one that fits. They include SPF protection which is ideal for hot Summer days!

Available to buy from Fabletics

£84 or VIP membership: 2 bottoms for £24

Photo credit: The North Face
  1. The North Face 

The North Face Women’s Motivation 2.0 leggings come in 4 colours: TNF Black, Goblin Blue, Slate Rose and Wild Ginger. The names of the colours are entertaining but the leggings are long-lasting and comfortable for the Summer months. If searching for warmer leggings, try the fleece lined ones which are super comfy and are water/snow resistant.

Available to buy from The North Face


Photo credit: Baleaf
  1. Baleaf 

Baleaf Women’s Fleece leggings are perfect for slightly colder walks where you will need the thermal properties. Long-lasting and do not snag. 

Available to buy from Amazon


Photo credit: Under Armour
  1. Under Armour 

Under Armour’s UA Merdian Full-Length leggings are great for outdoor sports in the warmer months. With a side pocket, they are fantastic for shorter walks where you may only need your map, compass and phone. One of our members walks up to 12km in these with ease and no chafing.

Available to buy from Under Armour 


Photo credit: Regatta
  1. Regatta

The Highton Pro Leggings come in two shades, Seal Grey and Black. Although not bright in colour, they are practical and very stretchy. The durable thick waistband with drawstring included, helps for a tighter fit on the waist, therefore, no pulling up halfway through your walk is needed.

Available to buy from Regatta


Photo credit: Gymshark
  1. Gymshark

Gymshark are known for their exceptional gym gear…Although, they do make durable leggings for outdoor use! The Vital Seamless 2.0 leggings come in a variety of colourful shades, with sizing up to XXL. The leggings are made using the dope dyeing technology that uses less water, energy and chemicals. One of our members suggested using this type of legging in the warmer weather.

Available to buy from Gymshark 


Photo credit: Beaybl
  1. Beaybl

The Balance V2 Seamless leggings come in various colours and also have a decorative textured finish. Beaybl leggings aren’t see-through according to one of our members and thick enough to be flattering. There’s nothing worse than having see-through leggings – make sure you do the bend test ladies! 

Available to buy from Beaubl 


Photo credit: Vie Active
  1.  Vie Active 

If you are looking for something a little more ‘snazzy’, then The Rockell ⅞ legging is perfect. You will stand out from the crowd with this leopard-print legging while remaining comfortable on your adventures. The leggings are light, flattering and they are extremely breathable for the Summer months.

Available to buy from Vie Active 


All opinions are from our community, feedback and product suggestions were collated to form this blog post.

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