Statement of Risk

The following statement applies to all customers and guests of Outdoor Adventure Girls. Adventurous activities such as hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and open-water swimming are physically demanding sports that include inherent associated dangers.

When you are partaking in these activities as part of one of our events, please always listen to trained instructors and if you are asked to wear safety equipment this must be worn at all times. This includes life-jackets when kayaking, paddleboarding and snorkelling.

We ask all guests to bring the appropriate kit with them when taking part in a trip which involves any of the above activities e.g. bringing adequate hiking boots for going up Snowdon. We reserve the right to refuse a guest to take part in an activity if they have not come prepared.

When open water swimming you are encouraged to wear a wet suit and use buoyancy aids or tow float as it reduces the risk of accident for all participants. Please bring these with you if you plan to swim during a trip of ours.

We ask all customers to take appropriate precautions to always ensure your own safety and that of other group members. If you or any of your group get into difficulty the best chance of rescue will be the people in your immediate vicinity.

When you book on to one of our trips you demonstrate your acknowledgement of this statement and the associated risks. This statement of risk is also attached for our Terms and Conditions.