10 Summer Activity Ideas

Have you got your Summer plans finalised? Don’t worry if you haven’t…we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together a list of activities you won’t want to miss out on this Summer

Remember, you can always set-up a meet-up in your regional group by creating an event in the events tab. Learn more about how to set-up a meet-up event.

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1. Go wind-surfing

Wind-surfing is a fantastic option if you have a group to go with. It can take a few hours to learn how the sail works but after continuous practice, you’ll feel comfortable out on the water. Mastering win-surfing can take years and don’t be dis-heartened if you continuously fall off – this is normal!

During our BIG WEEKEND in the Peak District, we visited Carsington Waters where there’s an open lake for water-sports. Find out more about wind-surfing and launch passes.

2. Meet a new friend

It can be hard to pencil in the time to meet friends when you lead a busy lifestyle but it’s so important to block this time out. Our members have suggested that 25% feel that they don’t have friends with like-minded interests and 28% reported that they don’t feel they have close-friends.* 

We find this to be a common reason for joining our regional Facebook groups, to find those like-minded people. Join one of our regional UK Facebook groups to find your new friends:

Or, if you can join our main UK Facebook group to meet women all across the UK. 

*We surveyed 354 of our members on a Facebook poll in August 2022.

3. Go paddleboarding

If you haven’t tried paddleboarding yet, you could be missing out on one of the biggest outdoor sport trends of the year. Whether you want to sail standing up or sit down for a relaxing paddle, you’ll find this sport to be very suited to a social activity. Boards can range from £20 hire, £200-500 new or £100-300 second-hand – be mindful with second-hand as you don’t want to buy a board with a hole in it!

If you are a beginner or an expert, you may not know all of the possible launch spots and waterways to explore yet…There’s a very handy app called GoPaddling which allows users to view over 22,000 paddling spots all over the world.

To find out your nearest paddling spot, download the app:

4. Complete a 10k hike

There’s nothing better than a hike, getting out into the countryside and taking in the scenic view. Not only is hiking physically beneficial but it benefits your mental health too. According to the Metro, walking reduces stress, regulates anxiety and makes individuals feel more positive about their surroundings.

If you like walking but unsure how to find new walks, use apps that will guide you like AllTrails, Komoot and OSMaps.

Download AllTrails app and get 30% off an annual AllTrails Pro subscription by using the code ‘Sophie30’

5. Take-part in abseiling

Abseiling is a great team activity, building confidence in each other and trusting others to support you down the rock face. We include abseiling as an activity on some of our BIG WEEKENDS, including some of the Peak District weekends.

Find out more about how you can get involved in abseiling

6. Cycle to a pub for lunch 

If you fancy an expedition but don’t want to cycle too far from home, plan a route to cycle to a local pub and back. Make regular stops, drink plenty of water and always know your route. 

BikeMap is a great navigational tool for cyclists as it tells you where you can cycle and shows cycle paths so you don’t always have to cycle on a dangerous road.

7. Go for a coffee with a group

If you like being outdoors but haven’t got the energy to endure an outdoor sport, don’t worry, you can always rely on food and drink. Having the downtime in the outdoors is just as important as exercising outdoors. Treat yourself and a few friends to a new coffee spot in your area and try out the food.

8. Have a picnic in the local park

Pack yourself a picnic and prepare to be surrounded by good company, good food and the great outdoors. We’ve packed a list full of yummy food ideas for your picnic such as: 

  • Sandwiches
  • Cocktail sausages
  • Quiche/Frittata 
  • Olives, Bread and Oil
  • Salami, Pastrami and Chorizo 
  • Cheese, crackers and chutney 
  • Refreshing drinks 
  • Crisps and dip
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots and hummus 
  • Scones, jam and cream
  • Tea/Coffee in a flask

And remember your plates, cups, cutlery and picnic blanket!

9. Climb a mountain and wild-camp

If you love to hike but want to walk for a couple of days, wild-camping is perfect for that pit-stop halfway. Make sure to pack warm clothing and a sleeping bag that is reflective of the temperature at nighttime. During Summer, 4 degrees sleeping bags will be perfect but not for Winter…

Remember to pitch-up on a flat surface that isn’t around livestock or endangering any animals, keep your rubbish in a bag and make sure to leave the site how you found it – untouched.

10. Walk round a lake and spot wildlife

Who knew that wildlife and exercise could cross paths? Plot your route around a reservoir and notice how rich with wildlife it is. From mallard ducks to damsin flies, you’ll see all sorts of species.

Read the RSPB’s guide to birdwatching 

Download your Summer check list here:

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