Best Hiking Boots to Buy

Every foot is different…finding hiking boots may seem a mammoth task without knowing where to look first.

From online to in-store, there’s endless options for looking for a comfortable hiking boot. 

We asked our community what their thoughts on the best hiking boots were and collated their responses together. Happy hiking!


Scarpa has proven to be the favourite amongst our members, proving to be a reliable boot for long distance, great ankle support and very comfortable.

What our members say: “I bought Scarpa boots about 4 months ago and I’ve loved them so far! Haven’t had to break them in and they’re so comfy. They’re much lighter than my old pair too. I have a weak ankle and was always injuring it in my old boots as they had no support but these are much better!”

“I have Scarpas, the first time I wore them was on a 14 mile hike, no blisters, waterproof and didn’t need breaking in. So comfy also risked it and ordered online without trying them on but absolutely worth it.”

Member recommendations:

Scarpa Cyclone Gore-Tex Women’s Walking Boots

What our members say: “No breaking in needed and felt like I could keep walking for miles.”

Price: £99.99

Scarpa Women’s Terra ll GORE-TEX® Walking Boots

What our members say: “I’ve got Scarpa Terra ones and love them! No blisters, waterproof and we walk bloody miles.”

“I’ve had them for 5 years and they’ve lasted me through hiking in the Himalayas in monsoon season, 2 months in Africa and smaller hikes around the UK. I never had to break them in, they’re so comfy and super waterproof!”

Price: £172.00

Scarpa Womens Mistral GTX Boots

What our members say: “Big fan of the Scarpa gore-tex boots! I bought them about 8/9 years ago and they’re still going strong.”

Price: £175.00



Salomon is another great brand that we love, offering an array of great quality and sturdy hiking boots and hiking trainers. 

Salomon Women’s Quest Prime GTX 

What our members say: “Huge fan of Salomon Quests. Ignore what they say about being only for narrow feet in reviews. I’m wider than average and totally fine. You can put these on and walk straight off. No need to break in!”

Price: £180.00

Salomon Women’s X Ultra 4 Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot

What our members say: “I bought them in 2018 and they are still in great condition. Have done Snowdon with them. I normally suffer badly with blisters in boots but these were/are perfect. I also recommend double lined socks to prevent blisters.”

Price: £153.00

Salomon Women’s Alphacross 3 Gore-Tex Trail Running Shoe

Price: £80.00


Meidl has proven to be the favourite amongst our members, and have a wide range of long-lasting and durable hiking boots. 

Meindl Womens Bhutan MFS Boots

What our members say: “I’ve got wide feet and I bought Meindl bhutans and they’re amazing! So waterproof that I’ve waded through some serious puddles and been dry. Needed no breaking in despite being leather too! I got them in a sale because they would’ve been way out of budget otherwise .”

“I love my Meindl Bhutans, so comfy and supportive.”

Price: £247.00



For a comfortable, practical and affordable boot, this brand has the perfect beginner boots to start your hiking journey with.

Karrimor Womens Mendip 3 Weathertite Hiking Boots Tan Nubuck

What our members say: “Had them 2 years, not had to re-waterproof them yet, they get caked in mud and wade through streams. Never had a blister with them even when they were breaking in!!”

Price: £34.99


One of our favourite brands, Trespass delivers every time, with an array of stylish hiking boots for every type of hiker. 

Trespass Womens Waterproof Walking Boots Mitzi

What our members say: “I bought these 4 years ago to complete the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge and have tallied up 100s of miles since then. I absolutely love them…Like wearing slippers.”

Price: £54.99


We love Quecha! They have such a wide range of hiking boots, we have no idea where to start!

Quechua Women’s Warm and Waterproof Hiking Boots – SH100 Warm – Mid

What our members say: “I have my snow hiking boots from Decathlon last year. They’re really comfy and I’ve even worn them hiking in Iceland and have had no issues.”

Price: £39.99

Mountain Warehouse

Another fan favourite, Mountain Warehouse is a great place to start if you’re new to hiking. 

Mountain Warehouse Latitude Extreme Womens Waterproof Vibram Walking Boots

What our members say: “I’ve had them for just over a year and they’ve had loads of use. I was a dog walker during lockdown and did a lot of walks through wet and muddy fields! They’re super comfy and waterproof and don’t need any looking after.” 

“I have Mountain Warehouse leather ones and I have had them for about 4 years –  they are in very good condition. They are great at keeping my feet dry and warm and I don’t get blisters from them. Would definitely recommend them.”

Price: £99.99


We love KEEN, as they bring out stylish and edgy new styles every year. 

Keen Women’s Targhee III Waterproof

What our members say: “I have wider than average feet and suffer really badly with heel blisters. I got these Keen Targhee III boots after recommendations from some military friends and have never looked back! They haven’t ever rubbed, are super comfortable and very waterproof. I got them last year and after several adventures are still like new! Thoroughly recommend.”

Price: €150.00


Our founder Sophie has a pair from Adidas and although these guys never existed in the market before, we are excited by their new offering. 

Adidas Women’s Terrex AX4 Mid GTX Boots

What our members say: “I got Adidas Terrex hiking shoes instead of boots as they suited me and the type of walking I was doing at the time and they’re fab! I splashed out and got the goretex add on to make them waterproof. They’re super comfy without much breaking in at all and have held up really well for all the walks I’ve done so far!”

Price: £150.00


Finding the perfect boot is hard but often easily solved if you are looking to add in some support to the shoe via insoles. One of our physio members has suggested that “people go for neutrals but use a prescription orthotic. However if your stability problem is only mild then a course of exercises to improve strength, posture and proprioception is always better especially for trekking.”

Superfeet Women’s Trailblazer Comfort Max Insoles

What our members say: “I have a soft tissue problem and I’m in need of arch support. I now use superfeet trail blazers for my walking boots, yes it adds additional expense, but my joints are much happier.”

“They have a 60 day comfort guarantee so you can return them if they don’t work for you, even if they’ve been trimmed to fit your footwear.”

Price: £45.00

Hi-Tec Comfort Plus Insole Black/Clementine

What our members say: “I’ve got hi-tec ones. Got two pairs of them. They both have arch support in them and they are great. Can go a good walk without pain until I stop at the end of the day.”

Price: £10.99

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